Dear Members, 


If you are anything like me, you are finally recovering from the Christmas indulgences and thinking about getting out competing again. So in preparation for the upcoming season I have some news and dates for your diaries!
We had a successful start to the winter qualifiers with wins at FOTH - well done to Clare Drury and Hollie Leathem who won the Senior Pairs and Maisie Morgan, Maria Ayiotis and Elize Zalenka who won the Junior 100 challenge. 
Both the Senior Novice Indoor SJ team of Flair Sifleet, Clare Drury, Danielle Elliott and Charlotte Abbott and the Junior Intermediate SJ team of Tabitha Zalenka, Maria Ayiotis, Maisie Morgan and Katie Slone won at Duckhurst.
It wasnt quite our day at the Novice Winter Dressage with the seniors coming 3rd and individual placings for Zara Harrison (2nd) Hannah Cullen (3rd) Danielle Elliott (4th) and Charlotte Wright (6th). The Juniors also came 3rd with Maisie Morgan winning her arena.
We have training at Eaglesfield this Friday (15th jan) from 7.30 and then again on the 12th February.  Zara Harrison is in the process of organising more training rallies, please check our website for more details about training as all events will go on there as well as up on facebook.

13th Feb - unaffiliated Team Dressage at Brook Farm - intro/Prelim/Novice/Ele (Please speak to me if you would like to enter the teams class. There are other classes available as well - please enter those yourselves)

28th Feb  - DDRC TEAM SJ at Eaglesfield - this is restricted to DDRC/ Area 10 Club Members. 2x75cm (0 bsja points) and 2x90cm. There is also a Junior and Senior Warm up class at 75cm. All DDRC members who are jumping will automatically be entered into the warm up class unless you specify otherwise! (please speak to me or Rob Smith to put your names down for this)

Fri 18th March DDRC DISCO! Stone Bowls Club, Cotton Lane, Dartford, DA2 6PD (please speak to Alex Hudson for tickets!)

In order to compete in BRC competitions you need to be a fully registered member prior to the prelim entries being made to head office (21 days prior to the competition) so I have attached our membership form for those who have missed it!

I would like to ask that all members who wish to compete send me a copy of their horses passports to ensure their flu vacs are up to date. Horses whose flu vacs are wrong may be spun at area events without being able to compete. 

Anyone wishing to compete at team events will need to provide entry monies in advance of the prelim entries being made. Should you then be unable to compete you are responsible for finding a replacement, if you are having problems you need to contact me ASAP and I will organise a replacement. If you drop out at short notice or we cannot find a replacement we may not be able to refund your entry fee.

Any questions please get in contact

Happy New Year!

Nicola x